Film Ratings

  • expand_moreWhat do all the different Film Ratings mean?
    Suitable for all ages
    May contain scenes unsuitable for some young children.
    Parents, who know their own children best, are recommended to consult www.ifco.ie.
    Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult (18+)
    Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult (18+)
    Only for persons 16 and over
    Only for persons 18 and over
    For further information visit www.ifco.ie.
  • expand_moreDo I require ID to purchase a cinema ticket?

    In some cases, yes. ID may be required for 12A, 15A, 16 & 18 certificate films. A valid Third Level Student ID is required when purchasing student tickets. In the event of a dispute, the cinema manager's decision is final.

  • expand_moreWhat does the term 'Free List Suspended' (FLS) mean?

    When you see the term 'Free List Suspended' beside a particular film title, this means that some type of Free Tickets, cannot be used by a customer to see that film. In most cases this applies to the first two weeks after a film's release date. This is a standard condition of the film distributors, Universal, 20th Century Fox, etc... It applies to all cinemas in the Ireland and is not a Century Cinemas decision.

    If you need to know which films are currently FLS please call us on (074) 9121976.

  • expand_moreWhy can't I take my 13 year old son into a 16 rated film even if he is accompanied by me?

    The Irish Film Censor's Office is the body that gives ratings to all films that are shown in Ireland. For a 16 certified movie the rating is very clear, “No-one younger than 16 may see a '16' film in a cinema”. In this case it is not a parental decision to make, and by law, Cinemas must do as much as possible to ensure that children do not gain entry to films which are not suitable for them as set out in the ratings guidelines. Identification as proof of age may be required. More information is available from www.ifco.ie.

The Films We Show

  • expand_moreHow can I find out what a film is about?

    Just check out our movie times page and click on the relevant movie. If you require further information on a specific movie you can look at the Internet Movie Database website for details.

  • expand_moreWhy can't I find out what times the films will be showing at Century Cinemas next month?

    Like most cinemas, we can only work on our film programme one week at a time and just under a week in advance. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is that each week we have to analyse the previous weekend's box office and look at how each of the films have performed. This is so we can bring together a programme, which has the most popular films showing at the most convenient times for the benefit of our audiences.

    In the case of 'big event movies' we always try to have the times programmed for sale several weeks in advance. Normally by the Tuesday evening of each week you can start booking your tickets for the forthcoming weekend's new releases.

  • expand_moreWhy are some films released in the rest of the country but are not showing at Century Cinemas?

    The reason behind this is that sometimes the film distributors simply do not have enough copies of their film to cover all the cinemas in Ireland. Unfortunately, as a result, audiences occasionally have to wait several weeks until enough copies become available.

  • expand_moreWhy do some of the official studio websites advertise a different or an earlier release date for some of the films on centurycinemas.ie?

    Most of the film websites are constructed for the Amercian market, so they will show the American release dates for this film.
    Sometimes these sites will have an option to click on 'international sites', however the only difference between the American and International sites will be the release date. Frequently when a film approaches its Irish release date, the film distributors will create a Irish website for the film - but this is not always the case.
    At centurycinemas.ie we will always endeavour to bring you the most up to date information on Coming Soon and New Releases.

  • expand_moreDo you show Independent / Bollywood / Classic Movies?

    Not at the moment. All these movies are particularly hard to get hold of due to the limited number of prints that come into Ireland and these usually go to specialist exhibitors as a priority. We may show special screenings from time to time and they will be posted on the website if this occurs.

  • expand_moreDo you show films in Digital format?

    Yes, all our screens have digital projectors and digital sound.

  • expand_moreDo you show films in 3D

    Yes, our digital projectors are enhanced to show 3D films, bringing your cinema experience to the next level. Many recent animated films are in 3D, and the format is being increasingly used in other genres, such as live music films, and horror films.

The Screens

  • expand_moreIs your seating allocated?

    We believe our customers should have the freedom of choice in where they want to sit, we do not allocate specific seats, with the exception of our VIP Screens 7 & 8. For Screens 1 - 6, our customers can choose their own seat.

  • expand_moreDo you have any facilities for the hard of hearing?

    Each of our auditoriums has a LOOP system fitted which requires you to change the channel of your hearing aid to hear the movie; if you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

  • expand_moreDo you show subtitled or audio described movies?

    Currently we do not show subtitled movies unless it is a foreign film with subtitles attached, nor do we show audio described movies.

  • expand_moreAre all your screens wheelchair accessible?

    Yes. All our cinemas are wheelchair accessible. Also, a number of offers are available to family carers who are Family Carers Ireland members. If you require further information please contact us on 074 9121976.

  • expand_moreCan I bring a baby into a film? Do I have to pay for them? Are unaccompanied children admitted to the Cinema.

    We try to accommodate babies as best we can, age restrictions apply. We ask that you respect other customer's enjoyment of the film and if your baby becomes distressed we ask that you leave the auditorium or we may have to ask you to leave. For a baby in your arms and under two there is no charge, however if your child needs to take up a seat then you will be asked to pay a child's price. We reserve the right to refuse admission to children who are unaccompanied by an adult.


  • expand_moreIf I have booked two tickets am I guaranteed my two seats?

    If you have booked your two tickets then you are guaranteed your two seats, this is because we never over-book any of our screens. However because we believe our customers should have the freedom of choice in where they want to sit, we do not allocate specific seats. The earlier you arrive the more choice of seats you will have. All customers who have pre-booked tickets are advised to arrive at least twenty minutes before the start of the performance to choose their seats and ensure that they are seated together. Cinema staff are always available to help our customers find seats if required. Customers who have any special requirements should contact box office staff on arrival.

  • expand_moreIf you see the Book Now Image is booking available?

    On occasion for any big releases or "event" movies, booking can begin several weeks in advance, so it is always a good idea to keep your eye on what's coming soon!

  • expand_moreIs it safe to use your website for online booking?

    Yes. The Web Booking Engine that we use utilises 128-bit encrypted SSL (secure socket layer) technology, which is standard for all online Credit Card transactions. Integral, who process our transactions use various physical and electronic security measures to protect your personal information.

  • expand_moreIs my personal information kept private and secure?

    Yes, A.C.Cinemas (Irl) ltd. is very respectful about the privacy concerns of all our customers. All the personal information you enter when registering / booking with us is kept on our secure servers and is not supplied or sold to any third party. However we sometimes need to use e-mail addresses / mobile phone numbers and other personally identifiable information to contact customers when we may be required to do so, e.g. Credit Card Fraud or Garda Investigations.

  • expand_moreWhy is there a transaction charge?

    The non-refundable transaction charge for Internet and Telephone bookings is applied because we offer the facility to pre-book and guarantee your tickets, this is a service warranting an additional fee. This is standard in the leisure / entertainment industry, e.g. when you book concert or theatre tickets you are charged a booking fee. The fee is detailed when the booking is requested and while you still have the opportunity to cancel your transaction.

  • expand_moreCan I make an online / phone booking with Gift Cards / Vouchers & Complimentary passes?

    No. We only accept these forms of payment at the box office or retail tills.

  • expand_moreIf I collect my pre-booked tickets can I still get them refunded if I give enough notice?

    Yes. As long as collected tickets are presented in person, and within the correct time restrictions for refunds, we can refund them for you. We will not refund collected tickets over the phone or by email.

  • expand_more Does the cardholder need to be present when I'm collecting my tickets?

    Yes. For your protection against fraud we strongly request that the cardholder is present to collect tickets. If the cardholder cannot be present on the day, they can collect the tickets anytime between making the booking and the day of the screening during normal box office hours.

  • expand_moreI'm trying to book a ticket but there are no shows on the date that I chose, why is this?

    The cinema week runs from Friday to Thursday. Weekly film times are usually agreed with the film distributors on Monday but sometimes we may have to wait longer for small details to be agreed. The schedule is then programmed and is available to book on Wednesday mornings. In some cases, such as major blockbuster releases, bookings are available earlier and these will be posted on the website.

  • expand_more Where can I collect my tickets from?

    You can collect your tickets from the cinema Box Office or from the Automatic Ticket Machines just to the left of the Box Office. You must have your Credit Card present. Tickets can also be collected at the box office.
    If your booking contains a Student ticket, you will only be able to collect your tickets from the box office, as you will need to show your student ID.

  • expand_moreHow do I know if my booking is confirmed?

    At the end of your booking you will be given a unique reference number. Please keep a note of this number, as you will need to bring it along with your card when you collect your tickets at the cinema. You will also receive an email to confirm your booking.

  • expand_moreWhat is a CVV / CVV-2 Code that I am being asked for?

    The CARD VERIFICATION VALUE CODE (CVV) is a 3 Digit code on the back of your credit card that is used for authorisation purposes.

  • expand_moreWhy do you need to take my phone number when I pay with my credit card at the box office or retail tills?

    At the moment our Point Of Sale software is not compatible with "Chip 'n' Pin". So to comply with Credit Card Fraud Protection Laws we are required to take a phone number as a contact when a purchase is made.

  • expand_moreCan I book my tickets now for any of the Movies that are in the Coming Soon Pages?

    Most weeks users will be able to book for films that appear in our coming soon pages. As a general rule, any of the coming soon films that have a release date of the following Friday will be open for booking several days before it goes on release (usually the Tuesday evening).

  • expand_more Can I request a ticket cancellation by e-mail?

    No. Unfortunately we cannot cancel bookings by e-mail. If you think you may have made a mistake with your booking or need to cancel your tickets for whatever reason then please call us on: 074 9121976 until 7.30pm. Alternatively you can come to the box office and we will refund your tickets in person.

  • expand_moreHow long before my movie do I need to give notice if I wish to cancel my tickets?

    Due to the nature of our business we can only offer ticket cancellations / refunds up to 1 hours before a show. No correspondence will be entered into as this is standard for all cinemas.

  • expand_moreI think my credit card might have been overcharged. What do I do?

    If you feel that you may have been overcharged then please send us a copy of your statement with everything else blanked out except the charges in question by email, fax (074-9121976) or post to:

    Century Cinemas
    Leckview Lane
    Pearse road
    Co Donegal

    and we will contact you immediately. For obvious security reasons we cannot refund disputed transactions without proof that you have been overcharged. No correspondence will be entered into if you do not follow the correct procedures.


  • expand_moreDo you cater for / organize kids parties?

    We do not offer organized parties, however we do offer discounts on large groups.

  • expand_moreWhat about screen hire?

    We offer tailor made screen hire and events for corporate clients, businesses, large groups. Please contact us on; 074-9121976 or email us for more details.

  • expand_moreDo you supply free tickets to charities / fundraising events?

    Please put requests of this kind in writing on official letter header paper for the charity or organisation and send it to our address. Alternatively you can email us with your requests.

  • expand_moreWho can I contact about advertising within your cinema?

    For on-screen / one sheet advertising advertising please contact Carlton Screen on; 01-631 0100.
    For other in-house advertising or promotional opportunities please contact us on; 074-9121976 or by email.

  • expand_moreAre you an Irish company?

    Yes. A.C.Cinemas (IRL) Ltd trading as Century Cinemas is a completely Irish owned business.

  • expand_moreDo you offer work experience?

    No. Unfortunately we cannot offer work experience. All of our staff must undergo a training programme which must be completed before they are authorised to work in the cinema. Due to this, work experience is not something we can offer.

  • expand_moreDo you have information on employment opportunities?

    Yes, we are always looking to add quality and experience to our team! To find out more about the vacancies that are currently available and to apply then please contact us on 074-9121976.

  • expand_moreWhat is the Kids Club and do I need to be a member?

    Kids Club showings a family movies that are shown for a reduced rate at the weekends and holiday periods and you do not need to be a member ...don't forget to bring the kids with you though!

  • expand_moreDo you sell a Monthly/Annual Movie Pass?

    There are no plans at present to introduce a monthly movie pass.

  • expand_moreIs it possibe to buy Century Cinemas Gift Cards?

    Yes, it is possible our gift cards can be purchased during Century Complex opening hours. Century Gift Cards can be redeemed in Century Cinemas, Century Play and Backstage Bar & Grill. Gift Cards are available in 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 and 200 euro amounts. Simply call into Century Cinemas, Century Play or Backstage Bar & Grill to purchase a gift card.

Couldn't find the answer to your question? Please phone (074-9121976) or email us with your query.